Transform the Indian Muslim Community into a socially, educationally and economically advanced Community and thereby enable the members of the Community to contribute significantly to the unity and prosperity of the Indian society.


Providing every possible guidance and assistance to the Community in the process of achieving effective progress, prosperity and empowerment through the following ways:

  • a)Motivate the maximum number of young members of the Community to assume the role of committed social activists.
  • b)Persuade all the Community based institutions to adopt a highly focused, modern, sensitive, pragmatic and organized approach.
  • c)Execute the project 'Masjid One Movement' and thereby revive the original role of Masjids as 'Community Development Centers' and pave the way for the progress of the Community.
  • d)Develop a network of 'Think Tanks' at various levels to provide intellectual and practical guidance to the individuals, groups, institutions and organizations of the Community in various domains.