The Survey programme had successfully started in our Area with the coordination of Masjid committee and AIMDC-Masjid One Movement. It was stunning to come across various problematical phases in our Area. Thankfully, because of this survey started by AIMDC, we can now concentrate on basic issues that belongs to our area.

We have already planned Different solutions for these issues with the coordination and guidance from AIMDC-Masjid One Movement. As a result we have begun "Enrollment of New voters" who had no Voter ID for a long time in our area with the Help Desk provided by AIMDC-Masjid One Movement.

We had no clue that our area is suffering from such fundamental issues, Alhamdulillah because of AIMDC team and it's survey we came to know about it. Therefore, all of the committee members have decided to work towards total eradication of issues in our area. If that happens there is no doubt our Masjid will be a model Masjid to the rest of the near by Masjid. We, as Masjid committee members and on behalf of all the people of this Masjid, thank AIMDC-Masjid One Movement for taking this great initiative in uplifting our area .

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