Social Upliftment

SOCIAL UPLIFTMENT: The following points state how the quality of life could be improved if the methods are strictly implemented

  • Identifying, improving and creating conducive environment so that people can live with dignity
  • Increasing the socio-economic conditions of the destitute and members of the Community by increasing the opportunities to earn a dignified living
  • To take people out of slums via a short-term and long-term plan by providing permanent and feasible solutions.
  • To promote commerce & entrepreneurship in community by establishing relevant support structures and providing advice/consultation to members of the community for enabling them to take informed & correct decisions and acting as a constant source of encouragement
  • To create a greater “Sadaqah Network” that reaches community in every corner of India and to reach maximum destitute Indians.
  • Pooling of nationwide resources for the betterment and raising the standard of living of the members of the Community
  • To establish an institution for providing Halal Certification and Credit Rating for Shariah based Financial Institutions