Political Upliftment

POLITICAL UPLIFTMENT: To involve participation of the common people into daily politics in order to keep them aware of the functioning of the government and uplift the values of democracy.

  • To assist community in enrollment in Aadhaar & Electoral Rolls and facilitating members of the community to obtain Aadhaar Cards &Voter ID Cards.
  • To motivate members of the Community, fulfill their national duty to cast their valuable vote in national interest
  • To encourage and assist community leaders who are standing for electoral competition
  • To lobby with Politicians to make sure that all Government Schemes including schemes specifically focusing on delivery of assistances/benefits reach the actual intended recipients/beneficiaries/members of the community.
  • To liaise and collaborate with Government and other associations in the Social Sector or otherwise, by suitable means such as memorandum of understanding, collaboration agreements, partnering arrangements for course content development, arrangement of apprenticeships within the Social Sector.