Nation Building

Nation Building: Being the citizens of India it becomes our duty to follow and abide by the principles of the country in order to bring about a spirit of patriotism.

  • To foster a sense of brotherhood, co-operation, mutual harmony, love & affection amongst the people and to help them when they are in distress by taking up the matter with the concerned authorities.
  • To make sure that the members of the Community have all relevant and necessary documentations as a citizen of India.
  • To create National Schemes & Network that positively contributes towards Swach Mohalla, Sach Mohalla, Swasth Mohalla, Sakth Mohalla which in turn can further contribute towards Swach Bharath, Sach Bharath, Swasth Bharath, Sakth Bharath programmes.
  • To promote national integration, communal amity, social harmony and uphold the democratic set up, secular order & rule of law in the country
  • To work for peace, progress and prosperity in the country and to strengthen goodwill and brotherhood among different communities.