Masjid One Movement

Community Development Center

Masjids since a long time have only served the purpose of prayer and worship in India, but with the initiative of AIMDC, these masjids will soon gain their recognition and being connected to each other through technological means, we shall broaden the purpose of a mosque. With the Masjid being used as a community development Center, we shall look forward to not only educate individuals over religion but give them an opportunity for over all development and improvement of one in all spheres.

  • Making a counseling center available in a mosque.
  • Educating not only the youth but also the adults
  • Spreading awareness about certain issues to the people.
  • Giving away scholarships to meritorious children
  • Inculcating moral values by having a value education class.
  • Helping each child/adult discover their strengths and encourage them to succeed in those fields
  • Assisting for enrollment in Voter ID and Aadhar Registry
  • Muslims can be aware, have access to and utilize various governmental scheme made available for minorities.
  • Masjids will become Live Centers and the core structure of Mohallas
  • Forming of Women ONLY NGOs to tackle the need of Women Empowerment, Women & Child Welfare, Women & Child Protection and Women Education / Self-Reliance Programs.
  • Etc.